Nadia on the Run | City of Encinitas
Nadia on the Run City of Encinitas ADU
Nadia on the Run, City of Encinitas, ADU
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Nadia on the Run | City of Encinitas

Nadia on the Run | City of Encinitas

Welcome to ‘Nadia on the Run’

An inspiring video series featuring community business leaders, entrepreneurs, and local favorites from around San Diego County.

Nadia Colucci, a San Diego native and seasoned Real Estate Agent with North Compass Realty, is joined by Geoffrey Plagemann, Associate Planner for the City of Encinitas. Geoff and all of the folks at the city have been diligently working on developing an easy, affordable and accessible way to add Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) to residential properties in the city of Encinitas.

On this episode, they dive into all of the FAQ’s about ADUs in the City of Encinitas. What is an ADU? How big does a lot need to be? What are the restrictions? How much does it cost? Will it take forever to get approved and built? What are the advantages? You name it, they address it.

Of all of the land in Encinitas, 80% is zoned residential. That 80% is made up of roughly 25,000 detached single-family properties, and only 1,500 already have established ADUs… bringing a whopping 23,500 properties that are still eligible for ADUs! Chances are, if you live in Encinitas, you are a part of the 23,500 people who could be eligible to add an ADU to their property.

The vision of the Permit Ready ADU Program (PRADU) is to encourage the construction of ADUs by offering property owners a selection of pre-approved ADU building plans. While some site specific design work is required, by utilizing one of these existing plans, a property owner can dramatically reduce pre-construction costs.  Additionally, the PRADU program allows for expedited building permits; meaning that the permit fees are waived and the entire process is “fast-tracked”. Overall it is an amazing, thoughtful and unique program put together for the benefit of Encinitas residents.

Download Your PRADU Checklist HERE:


Attached are the 8 different PRADU floor plan options that were referenced on the episode.

Design Path Studio:


Design Path offers floor plans ranging from 350-935 sq.ft. with multiple different exterior elevations. What makes Design Path’s floor plans exclusive is that the designer, Yvonne St. Pierre created each plan as “modular” designs with connection points to make it easy to grow your space and add on in the future.  For instance, you can start small with a 350 sq.ft. studio and should your needs change in the future, Design Path’s floor plans easily expand from a studio into one, two and three-bedroom ADUs. The thoughtful designs have connection points throughout so that the windows, doors and roof pitch easily line up with the additions.  Design Path Studio also offers various exterior elevations to coordinate with the look of your existing home, making the addition of an ADU look cohesive.

DZN Partners Architectural Design:


DZN offers floor plans from a studio up to a 3 bedroom option as well.  The floor plans range in size from 224 sq.ft. up to 1,199 sq.ft. DZN offers the smallest and the largest floor plans of the 8 total in the PRADU program. Each design and floor plan offers various exterior options giving you the ability to choose an aesthetic that best suits your existing home.  The wide range of floor plan sizes is helpful to fit almost any size lot.

As Nadia & Geoff discussed in the episode, every individual and their situation is unique. Before you go down to the city, give Nadia a call and she can help you walk through the first steps, whether it is finding a contractor, needing a trusted lender, or just simply curious about your options. Nadia can easily be reached at 760-214-1802 or by email at

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