North Compass Realty | The Anastasio Family
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The Anastasio Family

The Anastasio Family

My family and I presented a very difficult situation to Nadia earlier this year. We had to deal with the unfortunate situation of needing to get my wife’s grandfather’s house sold after he passed away last January. It was an extremely emotional and difficult time for everyone involved.

Nadia took on much more than just selling a property in a difficult neighborhood, she took on a situation that required the utmost sensitivity and understanding.

We were extremely impressed with Nadia on multiple levels. Along with her team, Nadia worked tirelessly preparing, showing, and advertising the property. Her work ethic is truly amazing. Nadia also overcame every challenge that came her way completely in stride. She is the ultimate professional. But personally, the quality that Nadia possesses that I found most impressive was the ability to make everyone involved in this tough situation feel completely comfortable and confident that she would not only get the job done, but that she genuinely cared about our situation and its outcome.

Needless to say, Nadia got the property sold. She did everything that she said she would do and so much more. We are very grateful.