When Does It Make Sense To Rent vs. Own

When Does It Make Sense To Rent vs. Own

Nadia Colucci, a San Diego native and seasoned real estate agent (and Co-Founder of North Compass Realty), is joined by Derrick Evens, host of Smarter San Diego (SSD). An interactive Facebook Live talk show, SSD focuses on creating the best real estate and financial related content in the Greater San Diego area. In this episode, they discuss Owning vs. Renting…and when is it “better” to rent…watch the episode to find out more.

With the rental rates increasing approx. 8% over last year,  Nadia and Derrick agree that the cost of waiting to buy is more expensive than it has ever been! Their concern is that statistics show that in the next 20 years home prices in San Diego could double! Therefore, while the market is still thriving and interest rates are at an all-time low, it’s a great opportunity to change your status from “renter” to “homeowner.”  It’s time to take a look at all of your expenses, get sharp, and make a road map to becoming a proud homeowner in America’s Finest City.

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