Nadia on the Run | Color Made Happy

Nadia on the Run | Color Made Happy

Welcome to ‘Nadia on the Run’

A new video series featuring community business leaders, entrepreneurs, and local favorites from around San Diego county.

Nadia Colucci, a San Diego native and seasoned real estate agent (and Co-Founder of North Compass Realty), is joined by Sam Sarles, a Carlsbad local and well known social media influencer in the craft world. Sam is the creator of Color Made Happy – an amazing Instagram and Blog, and author of The Rock Art Handbook. Together they share and demo an array of trending rock art, DIY projects and activities for the whole family to enjoy this season and year round. Tune in to see some inspiring art, craft ideas and colorful techniques that can help turn anyone into an artist!  You’ll be so impressed with Sam’s talent and local vibe that she brings to our community – have fun and stay colorful!

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