Nadia on the Run | Snake Oil Cocktail Co.

Nadia on the Run | Snake Oil Cocktail Co.

Welcome to ‘Nadia on the Run’!

A new video series featuring community business leaders, entrepreneurs, and local favorites from around San Diego county.

Nadia Colucci, a San Diego native and seasoned real estate agent (and Co-Founder of North Compass Realty), is joined by Frankie Thaheld, a master cocktail craftsman, Director of Mixology and Partner at Snake Oil Cocktail Company. With a passion for history and culture of all things beverage, his impressive vision combines twenty years working behind the bar at San Diego’s top restaurants. Frankie represents San Diego on the national cocktail scene. Each creation he designs is driven by his commitment to ingredient integrity, culinary innovation and taste. Together they demo an array of festive and delicious craft cocktail recipes, while sharing all the helpful need-to-know tips about making your own cocktails at home!

Tune in to see some inspiring and beautiful beverage art, bar must haves, and all the techniques that can help turn anyone into a cocktail connoisseur! If you’re anything like us, you’ll be impressed with Frankie’s talent and local vibe that he brings to our community. If you’re not a fan of creating your own cocktails and would prefer to have an expert do it for you, keep Snake Oil Cocktail Co. in mind for all things entertainment. Snake Oil Cocktail Co. is a fully licensed beverage catering and mixology company. Based in San Diego, they travel nationwide to create memorable event experiences with creative craft cocktails.

To learn more about Nadia: CLICK HERE. To learn more about Frankie: CLICK HERE.

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