Encinitas Ranked Among Top 10 Beach Towns In U.S.

Encinitas Ranked Among Top 10 Beach Towns In U.S.

Encinitas was ranked a top beach town in the U.S., according to a 2021 report from Stacker.



new report from Stacker ranked the best beach towns in the U.S. with Encinitas ranking ninth.

Stacker gathered 2020 data from Wallethub to compare coastal towns across the country, describing how living near the beach just makes people happy and healthy. Using six categories, the report identifies the range of pros that beach living can offer, including affordability, weather, safety, economy, education and health, and quality of life.

Here’s how Encinitas ranked:

  • Total score: 58.2
  • Affordability rank: #24
  • Weather rank: #66
  • Safety rank: #36
  • Economy rank: #21
  • Education & health rank: #14
  • Quality of life rank: #33


“Encinitas is a Southern California town along the Pacific Coast Highway,” Stacker said. “It’s a well-known surf spot — complete with surfer crossing signs — that typically has much less of a crowd than San Diego, which is 25 miles south.”

Two states ranked the highest in the report: California and Florida. The sunny states feature tons of coastal destinations and towns, with Stacker ranking Manhattan Beach at No. 39, Dana Point at No. 28, Coronado at No. 26, San Mateo at No. 25, Santa Cruz at No. 22, Seal Beach at No. 19, Hermosa Beach at No. 18, San Clemente at No. 16, Laguna Beach at No. 14 and Santa Barbara at No. 11.

These beaches ranked in the top 10 beach towns in the U.S.:

      1. Naples, Florida
      2. Lahaina, Hawaii
      3. Boca Raton, Florida
      4. Newport Beach, California
      5. Santa Monica, California
      6. Sarasota, Florida
      7. Kailua, Hawaii
      8. Carlsbad, California
      9. Encinitas, California
      10. Vero Beach, Florida